About Scarcity & Abundance

Life is a series of transformations. Children become adults. College students graduate and enter the workforce. People get married, have children. Some get divorced and remarried. Jobs change. Homes change. Families change. Lives change.

Scarcity & Abundance is a collection of individual songs that were written during various transformations over the last few years of our lives. We’ve been through divorce and remarriage. We’ve moved houses and jobs. We’ve become parents. We’ve grown older. Through all of these changes, we have continued to meet together and write songs together. The songs are an outline of our lives — where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Taken as a whole, Scarcity & Abundance tells a story of transformation. It tells the story of a person who sees life as “never enough”. Never enough money. Never enough time. Never enough love or friendship. It’s not that they don’t have enough, it’s that they don’t think they do — their heart is closed off and cold.

This mindset sends the person into a downward spiral until they reach the very bottom. It is there, at the bottom, that they have a great realization. They have always seen the world as “never enough”, but the truth is that there is always enough. They’ve always seen in black and white, but now they see in color! They’ve had enough money all along for everything they needed. They have loving friends and family. They just couldn’t see it before because of the blinders of their own selfishness. The world isn’t a place of Scarcity, it’s one of Abundance!

And so the person embarks on a new journey, away from “never enough” and into “always enough”. They are no longer quite who they were – they have transformed into a stronger, healthier person. Time has shown them love, and they confidently step out into a new world.

Scarcity & Abundance is available on most online music stores.