Another Way



In these pages find a different glimpse of truth
And the paint chips off, your memories so loose
This house was built to be what lovers see, the pictures stand so tall
But we keep looking for another way to lose

I think we see what lies ahead but ask your view
Hoping one day you will give us straight the news
That this is over now, your sleepless nights and tired afternoons
The season’s turning now you’re singing loud my tune

Breathe the life now in the air
See the beauty in her stare
Breathe it’s different now, Oh…

Believe that love will come for you
Believe in holding on to the truth
Believe in beauty now, Oh…

You don’t know
You don’t know how to try and find another way
You don’t know how to try…

The water’s crystal blue
It’s calling out, “Awaken now! This life inside of you…”
This wisdom closer now
But I keep looking for another way to lose