I’ve been waiting for too long
To see my lovely standing tall
And now you’re tellin’ me she’s gone
(That it’s time I move along)
Well I can’t join you in this song
(She’s my rock I’m standing on)

I’ve been writing off this dream (She looks at me)
Set my mind against the stream (She knows I see)
For all my hopes have led me on (It’s all too real)
(And now it’s all too real)
But I can’t lose it in the sound (I’m leaning on)
(It’s the rock I’m leaning on)

How long again…

I’ve been waiting for too long
You’re so lovely standing tall
I will hold you all along
I’ll do anything at all

I can’t wait to
Hold you close and
Whisper words I’ve
Longed for most I
Thought that I would
Miss you only
Now I see this
Time has shown me